The Oregon Media Arts Fellowship Grant

Posted in Uncategorized by epdavee on November 17, 2011

I’m very excited to be the sole winner of this years OMAF grant. The project I have submitted has received $15,000, which should be enough to cover the costs of shooting on film. Not a bad start!

Here’s a snippet from the official announcement:
This year’s Fellowship recipient is Edward P. Davee, who will receive a cash
award of $15,000 administered by the Northwest Film Center.  Davee works for
the audiovisual department of Reed College and is a longtime filmmaker with
several acclaimed short works including Crowfilm (2003), an official selection in
the 30th Northwest Film & Video Festival.  His first feature, How The Fire Fell—a
dark, semi-silent telling of the Brides of Christ religious cult active in Corvallis,
Oregon, in 1903—is an official selection of the 38th Northwest Filmmakers’
Festival and will screen at the Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium on Saturday,
November 19 at 7:00 p.m.

Davee’s proposed project for the Oregon Media Arts Fellowship, entitled Lost
Division, will be shot on Super-16mm and follows three AWOL World War II
soldiers, an army chaplain, a shell-shocked 16mm photographer, and an
infantryman as they carefully traverse the dense Hürtgen forest near Belgium
over the course of two days.

According to Finne, “The subject—soldiers reacting to the horrors of war—is
timely, important, and kind of ignored.  Also, the project will significantly enhance
the filmmaker’s proven skill level from graphic black and white to subtle color.
And he has the eye to pull it off.  There are no doubts about his technical ability
or his level of support.  I absolutely love the idea of the photographer
concentrating on beauty—an alternate reality within his reality—making images
to stay sane.  I want to see this film.”

11-15-11 Oregon Media Arts Fellowship Anncd

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