Recent quotes about How the Fire Fell

Posted in Uncategorized by epdavee on December 12, 2011

“E.P. Davee’s chilling telling of the Bride of Christ Church cult is easily the must-see narrative feature to have emerged from Portland in the past year.” – Portland Mercury

“It was a good year for Northwest Film, and the festival includes some really great features from the region, like How to Die in Oregon, The Wanteds, and How the Fire Fell, all of which should make you proud to live here.” – Portland Mercury Blogtown

“As if peering through a faded memory, How the Fire Fell takes you through a moment of time in a haze of mystery and wonder.” -the NW Film Forum

“”Davee is a passionate filmmaker with a strong, innovative approach. I look forward to his future films. It’s only a matter of time before this director discovers a more seamless way of meshing the story and the telling in his work.” – Eugene Weekly

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