How the Fire Fell Opening night in Corvallis!

Posted in Uncategorized by epdavee on January 14, 2012

Tonight at 7pm kicks off a theatrical run at the Darkside Cinema. Next up Seattle.



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  1. epdavee said, on January 14, 2012 at 12:59 am

    From the Darkside Cinema:

    And now, a few thoughts on HOW THE FIRE FELL, opening January 13th, Friday. There is affection for our little neck of the woods in almost every frame of HOW THE FIRE FELL, by local filmmaker Edward P. Davee. The sounds of the film seem to be taken from every walk ever taken on Chip Ross, Bald Hill, or even your favorite backyard. The textures of the foliage and raindrops create a bouquet of local flavor when combined with images of the faces of HOW THE FIRE FELL. This is a film about perceptions and feelings. The story is shown to us—not so much told. Dialogue is almost exclusively the pontifications of the main character Edmund Creffield. He is played flawlessly by Joe Haege, whose years of performing music gave him the energy needed to pull off the charismatic Creffield. It is very easy to do charismatic preaching badly. In this movie it is done well enough that we might be seeing the beginning of an acting career that will have no small part of its beginning in Corvallis, Oregon. The other actors prove that they too have the footing to move up artistically, as well. There is a Pennsylvanian austerity to early 1900s Oregon, as Davee sees it. This same austerity is expressed in the filmmaking by Davee, who doesn’t seem too interested in how they do it in Hollywood. HOW THE FIRE FELL was shot on real film with an acute understanding that time in the Willamette Valley is measured in shades of grey. When a colourful preacher comes to town, he can hypnotize and beguile—those so smitten are separated from the peace and peace of mind we have come to expect from our Benton Country existence. Thankfully, Davee’s skill means he doesn’t bludgeon us when the peace is shattered. HOW THE FIRE FELL is the type of film that should make Corvallis proud, and I’m proud to have it at the Darkside Cinema.

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