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How the Fire Fell Opening night in Corvallis!

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Tonight at 7pm kicks off a theatrical run at the Darkside Cinema. Next up Seattle.



Very nice How the Fire Fell cover article and interview from Corvallis

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Status update and a plea for help

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I’m happy to report that editing is going well and after 6 months, finally nearing completion. Rough cuts are looking good! The next step is for the composition and recording of the soundtrack and the final sound mix. If all goes well, I hope to be finished in August. At that time we will likely have a big showing at the Hollywood theater, and send off our submission to Sundance just in time for their deadline. I will make an official trailer soon, which I will post here.

I’m also happy to report that I was the winner of the Portland STOCK dinner grant for this month. The dinner netted $605 for the project. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and to all the organizers, artists, and attendees. I’m very grateful.

I am currently seeking additional “Executive Producers” for the project. Anyone who donates over $1000 to the project can be listed in the opening credits as an Executive Producer and be invited to all parties and premiers associated with the film.

It’s a great relief to have all the film finally processed and digitized.  It was a big undertaking to raise the funds necessary to do that. I am eternally grateful to all my friends and family who donated their time and money to make it happen. To receive that kind of support was truly touching. I could not have come this far on this nearly impossible project without it. For this reason, I absolutely would not consider seeking another penny from those same sources.  It is my sincere hope that someone out there who is in a position to help will read this  and consider providing assistance. If you are a lover and supporter of independent film, or just a kindhearted person willing to help someone in a desperate situation, please consider lending your support.

As of this date, the current needs for the completion of the film are about $5500. A small amount by some standards, but an extremely daunting challenge to someone in my current position. I feel like I’ve exhausted all fund raising possibilities. $55oo is simply the remaining amount needed for costs associated with post production sound and soundtrack work. This does not include the final “color” correcting, Film Festival submission expenses, or the ongoing monthly payments towards the massive credit card debt already accrued. It is simply the minimum needed to finish the film. If you or someone you know are in a position to help, please consider doing so today. Donation information to the right of this page is still correct and current. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Teaser Trailer #2

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Production has begun!
We are, however, on track to run out of money soon. Please spread the word that we are still very much in need of additional donations to finish this project. A link to make a tax-deductible contribution is to the right.
Enjoy these production stills taken by Destiny Lane and Matthew King.
E.P. Davee




















Additional tax benefit!

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The Oregon Cultural Trust:

Film Action Oregon, the fiscal sponsor of “Story of Hurt”, is listed as a qualifying nonprofit with the Oregon Cultural Trust. Because of this, making a donation to “Story of Hurt” through Film Action Oregon allows you to make a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust. 100% of that gift then counts as a tax credit on your Oregon taxes.

Additionally, you may claim both your contribution to Story of Hurt and your matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust as tax deductions on your federal tax form. The only catch to this is that, if you decide to claim both deductions and the tax credit; you must add the gift amount to your taxable income on your Oregon state tax form.

Gifts to the Oregon Cultural Trust support Cultural grants for Native American Tribes, funds for the five largest Oregon Cultural organizations (listed on their website), and additional grants for other cultural organizations across the state.

When you take advantage of the Oregon Cultural Trust tax credit you are communicating that you want your tax dollars to support culture throughout Oregon and the money goes directly towards this purpose. Using the cultural tax credit is a vote to support Oregon’s arts, heritage and humanities.

To take advantage of this opportunity for your 2008 taxes, you must make your matching contribution by Dec. 31st. For more information, please visit www.culturaltrust.org.